Ebook Kiến thức cần nhớ, bài tập cơ bản và nâng cao môn tiếng Anh 8: Phần 1 - Phạm Hiền Nhi

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Ebook Kiến thức cần nhớ, bài tập cơ bản và nâng cao môn tiếng Anh 8: Phần 1 - Phạm Hiền Nhi. Ebook Kiến thức cần nhớ, bài tập cơ bản và nâng cao môn tiếng Anh 8: Phần 1 hệ thống hóa lại những kiến thức cơ bản của tiếng Anh lớp 8 từ unit 1 đến unit 8 giúp các em học sinh luyện tập sâu hơn các nội dung về từ vựng và cấu trúc ngữ pháp, kèm theo một số bài tập và hướng dẫn giải. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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Ebook Kiến thức cần nhớ, bài tập cơ bản và nâng cao môn tiếng Anh 8: Phần 1 - Phạm Hiền Nhi. Ebook Kiến thức cần nhớ, bài tập cơ bản và nâng cao môn tiếng Anh 8: Phần 1 hệ thống hóa lại những kiến thức cơ bản của tiếng Anh lớp 8 từ unit 1 đến unit 8 giúp các em học sinh luyện tập sâu hơn các nội dung về từ vựng và cấu trúc ngữ pháp, kèm theo một số bài tập và hướng dẫn giải. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo..

Nội dung


6n lai thi qua khi? dan

1. Cdch dung: Thi qua khiJ ddn difdc dung de dien ta mot stf kien xay ra va
cham diJt trong qua khi? khong con lien quan den hien tai.
2. edit true:
a. Dgng tit TO BE: Was, Were
b. BQng tv[ thucfng:
* The khdng dinh: S + V(ed)/V(c9t 2) + O
* The phii dinh:
S + didn't + V(infinitive) + O
* Tlie nghi vd'ri: Did + S + V(infinitive ) + O?
c. Mot so'cum tilf de nhan biet thi:
Yesterday, last night, last week, last month, last year, ago, in + nim da qua.

..to: du
a. cung chu ngS:
Adj + enough + To- infinitive
Ex: He is old enough to go to school, (cau a'y du Idn d6' den trrfdng)
b. Khdc chu ngff:
Adj + enough +for + 0 + To- infinitive
Ex: This room is large enough for us to live.
(Can phong nay rong du de cho chung toi song)
2. So
that: qua den noi ma
•So + adj/adv + that + clause
Ex: He is so short that he can't play basketball.
(Cau ay qua thap deh noi cau ay khong the chdi duTdc bdng rd)
3. Too

to: qui

khong the ^

a. Cling chu ngS:
Too + adj + To-infinitive
Ex: Lan is too poor to buy a new bike.
(Lan qua ngheo khong the mua dtfOc chie'c xe dap)

2. She is old. She can go to school alone.

*. Khdc chu nga:

Too + adj +for + 0 + To-infinitive

3. She is tired. She goes to bed early.

Ex: These shoes are too small for me to wear.
(Doi giay nay qu^ nho toi khong the mang drfctc)

4. The box is small. You can put it in your pocket.

I. Write a paragraph about Lien, using the information in the box:

5. These chairs aren't clean. We can't sit on them.

Name: Ha Thi Lien
Age: 14
Address; 26 Quang Trung Street, Ha Noi
Family: father, mother, elder sister, Lan
Appearance: tall, thin, black short hair
Characters: generous, outgoing
Friends: Mai, Hoa

6. We didn't go to the zoo because the weather was bad.
7. We can't eat this cake because it is not good.
8. He can't buy that house because he is poor.
9. My father can repair his car at home because he is clever.
10. Everyone likes Nam because he is kind.
11. No one drinks the water in the well because it's not pure.

//. Rewrite the sentences without changing their meanings:
1. She has long black hair.
Her hair
2. Your room is large and bright.
You have
3. My teacher has a small round face.
My teacher's face
4. It's a small black box.
The box
5. It's a lovely sunny day.

///. Combine the sentences, using "enough....to"
1. He is strong. He can play sports.


12. No one eats that fruit because it's not ripe.
13. The singers couldn't sing because the weather was bad.
' 14. No one went out last night because it's was cold.
15.1 couldn't wear this shirt because it's too long.

IV. Give correct tense of the verbs in the brackets to complete the
I (have) (1)
a pen pal, Lan. She (live) (2)
in HCM
City. She (be) (3)
14 years old. She (have) (4)
black hair and a lovely smile. Last week, she (go) (5)
to my hous>;.
I (take) (6)
her to visit the beautiful places. We (visit)
Uncle Ho's Mausoleum, lakes in Hanoi. Now, we (stay)

at home. She (be) (9)
impressed by the beauty of
Hanoi when she was visiting them. She(come) (10)
back next week.
V. Combine the sentences, using "so
1. This house is old. We rebuild it.
2. My house is very far from school. I can't walk there.

7.1 couldn't drink that milk because it was hot.
8. You couldn't swim in this river because it is very deep.
9. He can't join in the club because he is young.

3. This exercise is very difficult. I can't do it in ten minutes.

10. She can't buy that skirt because it is very expensive.

4. My grandfather is very old. He can't do anything.

VII. Rearrange the sentences in correct order
1. short/ my/ has/ Lan/ a/ hair/ dark.

5. The apples are green. They can't eat them.
6. The workers must rebuild this bridge because it is very old.
7. Hoang often gets good marks because he studies hard.
8.1 couldn't finish the test because it was very long.
9.1 had to buy that dress because it was very beautiful.
10. He had to go to see the doctor because he was sick.
VI. Combine the sentences, using "too.... to"
1. This boy is naughty. He can't do anything.
2. The milk is very sour. I can't drink it.

2. weather/ an/ awful/ what!
3. so/ the/ that/ we/ house/ can/ it/ is/ large/ in/ live.
4. to/ has/ books/ no/ she/ enough/ money/ buy.
5. enough/ at/ my/ isn't/ sister/ alone/ home/ at/ old/ stay/ younger.
6. many/ we/ places/ beautiful/ visited.
7. than/ Mai/ more/ Hanh/ beautiful/ is/ .
8. you/ do/ and/ your mother/ what/ yesterday/ did?
9. bad/ this/ is/ you/ read/ again/ to/ book/ too/ for?

3. The novel is very bad. He can't read it again.

10. generous/ my/ are/ friends/ best/ kind/ and.

4. My father is old. He can't work on the farm.

VIII. Make questions for the information about Ba:
1. His name is Ba.

5. The floor is very dirty. We can't live in it.
6. We couldn't go on a picnic because the weather was awful.

2. He is fourteen years old.
3. He is tall and fat.

4. He lives at 15 Nguyen Du Street.

13. Their old house was too small for them to live in. (enough ... to)

5. He is sociable and generous.

14. The children are so short that they can't reach the ceiling, (too... to)

6. He lives with his parents and elder sister.

15. The desk was light enough for her to move. (so... that)

7. He likes reading and swimming in his free time.

X. Read the following passage, then answer the questions

8. His best friends are Hoang and Thanh.

IX. Rewrite the sentences, using the words in brackets
1. Mary is too young to go to school, (enough...to)
2. The road is so nervous that 1 can't go to school by bike. (too...to)

I think everyone has one best friend in their life. And I do too. I have two
best friends, Vy and Nhung. They are my classmates. We spend most of our
time in learning and playing together. But each of us has a different character.
Vy is sociable and kind. She often tells jokes. Nhung is reserved in public.
And I am outgoing. We often play volleyball in the club. Three of us, Nhung
plays the best. She is a volleyball star of our school. So everybody knows her. I
love both of my friends. I think my best friends are wonderful.
1. Does the writer have best friends?

3. The teacher is so strict that we can't talk in class, (too....to)

2. Do they have different or the same characters?

4. Your name is too long for me to remember, (enough ....to)

3. What is Vy like?

5. The test was easy enough for me to do in fifteen minutes, (so...that)

4. Who plays volleyball the best?

6. This book is so long that I can't read it in two days, (too

5. What does the writer think about her best friends?


7. This man plays soccer so well that he becomes a famous player,
8. My son isn't old enough to go to school, (so...that)
9. It's too dark for me to see anything, (so... that)
10. The weather was too bad for him to visit his parents, (enough...to)
11. This shirt is too small for me to wear. (so... that)
12. It's too late for us to continue our show. (so... that)


6. The sky is dark and cloudy, (rain)


7. This bridge is too old. (build)


8. Look! The players are in the stadium, (play a soccer match)


Dung de diSn ta di/dinh d tuang lai
Ex: He is going to go abroad tomorrow (Ngky mai anh ay dif dinh ra nifclc ngoai)
S + be + going to + infinitive
II. ADVERBS OF PLACE: Ti^ng tCf cMnafi chon
Here (d day), there (d kia), upstairs (tren lau), downstairs (diTdi lau), inside
(ben trong), outside (ben ngoai)
Ex: Ha Long Bay is a beautiful place. I want to go there again
(Vinh Ha Long la mot ndi dep. Toi mudn den do mgt Ian niJa)

I. Odd one out

1. washing machine
2. telephone
3. inside
4. teacher
5. doctor
6. medicine
7. summer
8. arrange


mobile phone

//. Write the sentences, say what these people are going to do
1. Nga is studying medicines, (doctor)
2. Loan's birthday is on 16"' May. (invite her friends)


9. My mom has prepared a meal on the table, (eat)
10. It's 7 o'clock now. He is staying at home, (late for school)

///. Write the questions with "going to". Use the words in brackets
1. I'm going to see the film at the weekend. (What/ you/ do?)
2.1 am going to have a party tonight. (What/ you/ wear?)
3.1 bought a picture yesterday. (Where/ put/ it?)
4. He is going to the USA. (How/ he/ travel?)
5. She is going to have a party tonight. (Who/ she/ invite?)
6. Lan is studying in the USA. (When/ she/ come back?)
7. My father is going to have a meeting in Hanoi. (How long/ he/ stay?)
8. My mother has invited some friends to her house for dinner. (What/ she/ cook?)
9. He's going to buy a car. (Where/ he/ buy?)

3. My grandfather has a bad cough, (stop smoking)

10.1 am going to Hue. (How/ you/ travel?)

4,1 feel tired, (stay in bed)

IV. Complete the sentences, using the correct adverbs in the box

5. My friend is in the hospital, (take a week off)

inside there
1 It's the first time we go
2. She opened the box and looked





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