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Variable step length incremental conductance MPPT control based on the power prediction

The MPP of Photovoltaic power system undergoes migration or volatility under the influence of the external environments, especially light intensity changes. MPPT control is a very important method to increase the efficiency of the photovoltaic power generation system. But the existing variable step length incremental conductance method would produce misjudgment or even tracking failure when outside light intensity mutations.

3/29/2020 12:27:08 PM +00:00

Harmonic estimation algorithm for power system based on improved MUISC and linear neural networks

In the paper, a new harmonic estimation algorithm for power system is constructed with combining the MUSIC algorithm, the multistage Wiener filter (MSWF) and linear neural network.

3/29/2020 12:27:02 PM +00:00

The new structure design and simulation of preventing electric shock multi-jacks socket

To meet consumer demand for safe, durable, attractive appearance and easy to use, the design is an improvement and innovation in appearance and structure of the multi-jacks, multi-functional, intelligent, environmental protection and others socket for preventing from electric shock.

3/29/2020 12:26:56 PM +00:00

Research on low-voltage series arc fault detection method based on least squares support vector machine

Arc fault is one of the important reasons of electrical fires. In virtue of cross talk, randomness and weakness of series arc faults in low-voltage circuits, very few of techniques have been well used to protect loads from series arc faults. Thus, a novel detection method based on support vector machine is developed in this paper.

3/29/2020 12:26:49 PM +00:00

Perceptual effects of nasal cue modification

A new methodology 3-Dimensional-Deep Search and a new visualized intelligible time-frequency computerbased model AI-gram have been developed and are being researched since the last several years (Human Speech Recognition (HSR) research group at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) for isolation of stable perceptual cues of consonants.

3/29/2020 12:26:43 PM +00:00

The contribution of nasal murmur to the perception of nasal consonant

Identification of perceptual cues can be very helpful in almost all areas of speech signal processing. Recently, a new methodology called the 3-Dimensional-Deep Search and a visualized intelligible time-frequency computer-based model AI-gram have been introduced for research on the perceptual cues.

3/29/2020 12:26:37 PM +00:00

A new self-collision detection method for cloth simulation

The paper describes and compares in detail, directly accumulation method and global stiffness matrix method. Taking efficiency, stability and convergence into consideration, the paper puts forward an explicit-implicit combined method which is suitable for force models.

3/29/2020 12:26:31 PM +00:00

Using an improved joint normal transform method for modeling stochastic dependence in power system

The dependence factors in power systems should be considered in stochastic power flow computation, so Joint Normal Transform (JNT), belonging to the copula function technology, is improved to model these dependences.

3/29/2020 12:26:24 PM +00:00

Energy flow function and operational strategy of CCHP system

The energy flow characteristics of Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) system are analyzed in detail and the energy flow function is proposed for its two operational strategies: thermal load dominant mode and electrical load dominant mode.

3/29/2020 12:26:18 PM +00:00

Access oriented energy storage configuration method to stabilize fluctuation of pulsed load

This paper presents an optimal configuration method of energy storage system (ESS) in microgrid, which is based on the result of spectrum analysis of sample data of pulsed load. This method both takes into consideration the stability of system and energy storage cost at the same time.

3/29/2020 12:26:12 PM +00:00

A novel forecast method for air conditioning load of public building considering accumulated temperature effect

It has great significance to estimate the schedulable capacity of air-conditioning load of public building for participating the power network regulation by forecasting the air-conditioning load accurately. A novel forecast method considering the accumulated temperature effect is proposed in this paper based on Elman neural network.

3/29/2020 12:26:06 PM +00:00

Design of a video data sampling and transmission system based on wireless Mesh network

A video data sampling and transmission system is designed for video monitoring based on wireless mesh network. Discussion is made on the use of standards, working frequency, network infrastructure, coverage solutions, link budget, frequency planning, power supply, supporting transmission and AC design.

3/29/2020 12:26:00 PM +00:00

The pricing model for transmission and distribution tariff under different voltage levels based on the long run marginal cost method

An incremental load model during peak load period in which both load rate and simultaneity of load is given. To mitigate the influence of irregular putting into operation of transmission and distribution equipment on fluctuation of marginal cost of transmission and distribution, an annuity calculation method of average incremental cost is proposed, and a calculation model based on long-term marginal cost, which can rationally share the expense of voltage classes, is built.

3/29/2020 12:25:53 PM +00:00

Partial discharge fault decision and location of 24kV composite porcelain insulator based on power spectrum density algorithm

In order to insure the stability of power grid, 24kV composite porcelain insulator PD monitoring system is studied in this paper. With the help of pulse current method detection method, the PD propagation characteristics can be precisely recognized by the power spectrum density (PSD).

3/29/2020 12:25:47 PM +00:00

Game model of thermal power capacity planning considering environmental constraint

Rational planning of thermal power capacity is one of the main measures to reduce emissions. According to air pollution control plan, different environmental capacity regions provide different constraints to the scale of thermal power plants.

3/29/2020 12:25:41 PM +00:00

Study on the relationship between energy storage efficiency and charging mode of super capacitor

The principle and applications of the super capacitor were described in this article, and the equivalent circuit model of the super capacitor was modified and given.

3/29/2020 12:25:35 PM +00:00

A multi-wireless bandwidth aggregation mechanism in SDN networks

Nowadays, the popularity of smart mobile devices drives the mobile data traffic into a faster growth. For handling the extreme growth of mobile data traffic, the mobile telecommunication operator tries to upgrade the core network equipment to expand the data capacity of services, but compare with the exponentially growing mobile data traffic, the effect is limited.

3/29/2020 12:25:28 PM +00:00

Neural network-based sliding mode control for permanent magnet syn-chronous motor

In this paper, a scheme of designing neural network-based sliding mode controller is proposed for dealing with the chattering phenomenon existing in conventional sliding mode controller because of its discrete control law. Firstly, the sliding mode control law is designed using equivalent control technology.

3/29/2020 12:25:22 PM +00:00

Electric vehicle charging load model based on diffusion theory

Purpose: discuss actual application value of the diffusion theory in massive electric vehicle charging load; Method: introduce single vehicle charging process, extend it to charging process of two and multiple electric vehicles, abstract physical process of parallel charging of electric vehicles, introduce energy block concept and diffusion theory, and establish diffusion charging model of electric vehicles based on them.

3/29/2020 12:25:16 PM +00:00

Research on designment of management system for power source equalizing charge based on FPGA control

The accumulator can store the energy in high capacity, and the super capacitor can charge and discharge in high power. The mixed power source composed by the accumulator and super capacitor not only has the characteristics for both of them but also meets the high-power requirement of high capacity and peak value.

3/29/2020 12:25:10 PM +00:00

The application and practice of the voltage reactive power optimization automatic control system (AVC) in the power grid of Wuhu region

In the paper, the influence of harmonic was taken into consideration during the realization of the AVC system in the power grid of Wuhu region, relevant study and development were conducted from the perspective of application and practice, and concrete proposal of practicable reactive voltage power optimization was put forward.

3/29/2020 12:25:03 PM +00:00

Audio data acquisition system design based on ARM and DSP

This paper introduces the communication interface design with respect to the HPl interface between ARM and DSP, and A/D, D/A converter design, and describes the operating principle of interfaces and relevant configuration.

3/29/2020 12:24:57 PM +00:00

Research on high voltage power for 10kV linked SVG

The paper detailed analysis of the working principle and characteristics of this new way to take power, and verified on prototype, present the experimental results.

3/29/2020 12:24:49 PM +00:00

Deformation analysis of 128×128 infrared detector with reticulated insb pixel array

The reticulated InSb pixel array was successfully employed in the design of large format InSb infrared focal plane arrays (IRFPAs) detector, to remove the thermal strain accumulated in InSb IRFPAs with the thermal shock test.

3/29/2020 12:24:43 PM +00:00

DC side ripple voltage analysis and fuzzy PI control strategy research for APF

Owing to the problems of DC side capacitor value choice in the application of Active Power Filter (APF), this article presents a technique based on the analysis of the ripple voltage in DC side by graining appropriately the undulation control rate within the range of settings and control DC voltage so that the voltage fluctuation rate can reach minimum value under the condition of specific capacitance which is aimed at getting good compensation effects.

3/29/2020 12:24:37 PM +00:00

Study on selective leakage protection system of mine high voltage grid based on harmonic phase comparison

The experimental results show that the protective principle applies not only to the neutral point insulated power supply system, but also to the power supply system in which neutral point passes arc suppression coil, which can solve selective leakage protection problems under different neutral grounding ways, improving the reliability of selective leakage and guaranteeing the stability of the action value.

3/29/2020 12:24:31 PM +00:00

Performance evaluation of HD radio system in radio environments

In this paper, the performance of HD radio system is evaluated. To contribute to decision of digital radio standard and design of digital radio transmission network, the simulation results will give a help.

3/29/2020 12:24:25 PM +00:00

Performance analysis of cognitive radio networks with a two part queue

In a cognitive radio network (CRN), a preempted secondary user (SU) is placed in a call level queue to wait for accessing another free channel. If the availability of channels is transparent to SUs, packets will be generated during their waiting time and the performance of the CRN will be influenced by which way to handle these packets. In this paper, the call level queue is departed into two parts, delay queue and discard queue.

3/29/2020 12:24:18 PM +00:00

Modeling and simulating of private EVs charging load

As an important part of the smart grid, Electric Vehicles (EVs) could be a good measure against energy shortages and environmental pollutions. In this paper, based on the relevant EVs development policy, the private EVs charging load is investigated.

3/29/2020 12:24:12 PM +00:00

Iterative learning control of power flow calculation

In this paper convergence of the algorithm is global, and gives control of the convergence conditions and rigorous theoretical proof.

3/29/2020 12:24:01 PM +00:00