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Nghiên cứu ảnh hưởng của các thông số hình học dao cắt và điều kiện gia công lên quá trình bào da Đà điểu

Bài viết này trình bày nghiên cứu thực nghiệm ảnh hưởng của thông số hình học của dao cắt lên chất lượng quá trình bào da Đà điểu khi lưỡi cắt của dao bào được bố trí với góc trước bằng 0º và lưỡi cắt có góc trước bằng 15º, và trong trường hợp lưỡi cắt được bố trí nằm nghiêng 45º và lưỡi cắt nằm ngang.

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Tổng quan về công nghệ IoT và xử lý ảnh trong chăm sóc sức khỏe vật nuôi

Bài viết phân tích một số thành tựu cơ bản trong việc việc ứng dụng công nghệ xử lý ảnh và IoT trong việc tự động giám sát điều khiển các quá trình chăn nuôi gia súc gia cầm.

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Mô hình S-RVoG cải tiến cho ước lượng tham số rừng trên địa hình dốc sử dụng ảnh polinsar

Bài viết này đề xuất một mô hình S-RVoG cải tiến để nâng cao độ chính xác cho ước lượng tham số rừng trên địa hình đồi núi sử dụng dữ liệu ra đa tổng hợp mặt mở giao thoa phân cực băng L.

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Chế biến các phụ phẩm giết mổ về ngành công nghiệp chế biến các phụ phẩm chăn nuôi

Tài liệu giới thiệu tổng quan về ngành chế biến phụ phẩm giết mổ; vận hành quy trình chế biến phụ phẩm giết mổ; các phụ phẩm chế biến dùng trong dinh dưỡng động vật nhai lại; các sản phẩm chế biến từ phụ phẩm chăn nuôi trong dinh dưỡng cho lợn; các sản phẩm chế biến dùng trong thức ăn cho tôm; các nghiên cứu trong tương lai cho ngành công nghiệp chế biến phụ phẩm... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo tài liệu.

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Đề cương Dinh dưỡng động vật

Đề cương Dinh dưỡng động vật với hơn 50 câu hỏi và bài tập nhằm củng cố kiến thức cho các bạn, hệ thống kiến thức phục vụ công tác học tập và nghiên cứu.

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Exploitation of botanicals for eco-friendly management of grape (Vitis vinifera L.) anthracnose caused by elsinoe ampelina

Grape (Vitis vinifera L.) is a fruit, botanically a berry, is among the oldest plants on earth and is one among the most consumed fruit crop worldwide. India is ranked at 9th position in grape production (Shikamany, 2001; Gade et al., 2014). It is affected my numerous pest and disease.

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Studies on effect of metsulfuron methyl on chlorophyll, sugar content in wheat leaves and its relationship with grain sugar content

A field experiment was laid out in randomized block design consisting of metsulfuron methyl (a herbicide) treatments at 2, 4, 8 g/ha during two consecutive years.

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Response of organic and inorganic nutrient sources on the growth and flowering of Gladiolus primulinus cv. Candyman

Present experiment was carried out in the Experimental Farm, Department of Horticulture, School of Agricultural Sciences and Rural Development, Nagaland University, Medziphema Campus during 2014-15 and 2015-16 to study the response of various sources of nutrients in gladiolus production.

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Cloning, sequencing and in silico characterization of OmpF protein of salmonella typhimurium for its immune-potential

Salmonella is a major foodborne bacterial pathogen responsible for millions of cases of infection and thousands of death in humans across the globe annually. Poultry and poultry products are considered to be the major source of Salmonella infection in humans. The economic loss caused by salmonellosis is very huge in case of poultry industry. Vaccination of the poultry is found to efficiently reduce the zoonotic risks associated with Salmonella infection.

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A study of factors dissuading the farmers to include chickpea in their cropping system

The study was conducted in the Bhiwani district of Haryana state to study the major factors, which dissuade the farmers to include chickpea in their cropping system. In this study, two blocks Tosham and Siwani were selected randomly from Bhiwani district and from each block; two villages were selected, randomly. Thus, total four villages, namely (Khanak, Kirawar from Tosham block and Gaindawas and Barwa from Siwani block) were selected, randomly.

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Perception of eco-friendly farming practices of paddy crop among the tribal farmers of Baihar Block of Balaghat district (M.P.), India

Tribal’s generally adopt their traditional techniques of farming which they get from their heritage and this farming community which is due to their low economic and awareness status usually adopts low cost farming practices. They treat land as a mother so, they emotionally as well as culturally attached with nature. hence, it becomes necessary to have an better recognition about their extent of perception regarding eco-friendly farming practices so present study on extent of perception of tribal paddy grower farmers towards eco-friendly farming practices of paddy crop was done during year 2015-16 at Baihar block of Balaghat district, Madhya Pradesh.

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Utilization of under-utilized fruits through value addition in Kandi areas of Jammu region

India is home of world's most useful plants thriving in her diverse agro-ecological zones and altitudes. The varying weather conditions of this country provide suitable environment for growing variety of fruits. Nutritionists recommend that fruits must form an important constituent of the daily diet. Different fruits’ colour, varied aroma and taste make them palatable and freshen over mind and body.

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Evaluation of micronutrients in fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.): A viable alternative for micronutrient supplementation

Dietary antioxidants (total ascorbate, α-tocopherol and total carotenoids) and micronutrient (iron, calcium, zinc, copper and manganese) content of 25 fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum L.) genotypes were evaluated under the present investigation. Higher α-tocopherol and total carotenoid content i.e., 43.080±1.542 mg α-tocopherol/100 g dry wt. and 4.890±0.047 g carotenoids/100 g dry wt. was observed in RMt-305. The genotype RMt-143 showed highest iron, calcium and manganese content i.e., 184.11±1.639, 781.20±4.790 and 25.65±0.695 µg/g dry wt., respectively.

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Management of chilli leaf curl disease complex in Jharkhand, India

A field trial was conducted during Rabi, 2015-16 and Kharif, 2016 cropping seasons. An attempt was made to find out the cost effective management schedule to minimize the crop loss. Seven insecticides viz., Fipronil5% SC@800ml/ha, Indoxacarb 14.5% SC@400ml/ha, Acephate 75 SP@0.1%, Spinosad 45%SC@160ml/ha, Imidacloprid 17.8% SL@0.003%, Fenvalerate 20EC@500ml/ha and Carbofuran 3G@30Kg/ha were evaluated against vector activity to reduce the leaf curl disease incidence.

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Handmade cloning for embryo production in goat, Assam, India

In this study, oocytes were recovered from 200 numbers of goats’ ovaries from different slaughterhouses for subsequent use in-vitro maturation, enucleation, reconstruction and embryo culture to produce cloned embryos. The collected oocytes were classified into three categories (Grade A, B and C) based on their appearance of homogenous granular ooplasm and layers of cumulus cells surrounding oocytes under a stereozoom microscope. The average oocyte recovery, In-vitro maturation and the enucleation rates were found to be 3.36 per ovary, 60.37 per cent and 75.52 per cent respectively.

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prevalence of inducible clindamycin resistance among nasal carriage staphylococcus aureus among healthy population

The increasing resistance to many antimicrobial agents is seen in Staphylococcus aureus in all healthcare facilities. The commonest antibiotic for the treatment of the Methicillin and multi drug resistant Staphylococcal infections is clindamycin. Emergence of these resistances in Staphylococcus aureus has resulted in failure of clindamycin therapy. A total 220 Nasal swabs from healthy persons were collected and processed by standard microbiological procedures.

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Estimation of avoidable yield loss due to sucking pest complex in blackgram

An experiment was laid out with two treatments viz., unprotected and protected plot with plot size of 100 m2 each and further each treatment was divided into 13 quadrates with 30 X 10 cm spacing in Randomised Block Design (RBD). Results revealed that the avoidable reduction in plant height, number of branches per plant, pods per plant, number of seeds per pod due to insecticides application is 19.14, 19.78, 20.70 and 17.80 per cent respectively and a significantly higher yield was obtained in protected plots i.e. 1028 kg ha-1 , while, comparatively low yield i.e. 759 kg ha-1 was recorded from unprotected plots. The yield increased in protected plots over unprotected was 269 kg ha-1 i.e. 35.44 per cent. The avoidable yield loss was 26.16 per cent by spraying of insecticides i.e. monocrotophos 36% SC and fipronil 5% SC at ten days intervals against sucking pests viz., whiteflies, thrips, aphids and leafhoppers in blackgram.

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Comparative assessment on performance of aseel and kadaknath in hot and humid conditions in tropics

Native birds are considered for cross breeding to develop thermal tolerance and free range varieties to address the adverse climatic conditions and welfare issues respectively. The present study was conducted to assess the performance of two Indigenous breeds Aseel and Kadaknath under hot and humid conditions. The two indigenous breeds were studied for various performance parameters for a period of 12 weeks under standard managemental conditions.

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Influence of micronutrients and organics on growth and yield of capsicum cv. solan bharpur under shade net condition

The present investigation was conducted at Horticultural Research Station, Anantharajupeta, Dr. Y.S.R Horticultural University, Andhra Pradesh during 2014-2015. The trail was carried out in capsicum cv. Solan Bharpur consisting of 11 treatments, replicated thrice with Randomized Block Design.

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Analysis of base apex lead electrocardiographic technique in normal jersey cross-bred dairy cows

Electrocardiographic technique was analysed in normal dairy cows in order to evaluate the electrical activity of heart and hence to detect abnormalities like cardiac arrhythmia and electrolyte disturbances which is very common in cattle. The base apex system seems to be the best and standard lead which gives clear electrocardiographic changes. The present study was conducted on normal dairy cows with no cardiac arrhythmias or abnormal heart sounds presented to the Large Animal Unit of TVCC, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Veterinary Education and Research, Puducherry.

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Comparative effect of banana pseudostem scutching waste, fym and biocompost on water stable aggregate (WSA) and available nutrients in soil after harvest of cabbage

The field experiment was conducted at Soil and Water Management Farm of Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari to study the comparative effect of different organic manures on WSA and available nutrients. The experiment comprised of nine treatment of banana pseudostem scutching waste (SW), FYM and biocompost (BC) with or without combination and applied as FYM @ 10 t ha-1 carbon equivalent basis keeping the common dose of recommended inorganic fertilizer.

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Drying characteristics of preconditioned rice in fluidized bed dryer

In this study, determination of minimum fluidisation velocity of rice, effects of temperature on drying rate and puffing quality of pre-conditioned rice were investigated. The experiments were conducted on two varieties of rice namely parboiled Polished rice namely medium and long.

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Knowledge of farmers towards reasons for decline of orange orchards in Amravati District, India

The present investigation entitled “knowledge of farmers towards reasons for decline of orange orchards in Amravati District” has planned and conducted with the general objectives to study the knowledge of orange growers and exploratory design of social research was used in the present study. In all, 150 farmers were selected by personally interviewing the respondents with the help of structural schedule. Collected data were carefully examined, classified and tabulated. Frequency, mean, standard deviation, correlation and multiple regression analysis have been summarized as below.

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Plant derived essential oil in ruminant nutrition - A review

Feed additives are products used in animal nutrition to improve the quality of feed and the quality of food from animal origin, or to improve the animals’ performance and health. Use of herbal feed additives in animal nutrition is gaining importance due to ban of antibiotics as feed additives because of their possible contribution to emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria and transferring to humans when they consumed animal products.

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Efficacy of plant derived herbal methionine on growth performance of broilers chicken

A broiler trial was conducted for a period of 42 days to assess the comparative efficacy of the herbal and synthetic methionine on the performance of broilers. A total of 160 day old Vencobb broiler male chicks were divided into five treatment groups namely T1 group birds were fed standard ration without herbal and synthetic source (Control), T2 (25% herbal methionine: 75% synthetic methionine, T3 (50% herbal methionine: 50% synthetic methionine), T4 (75 % herbal methionine: 25% synthetic methionine) and T5 (100% herbal methionine).

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Response of lathyrus (Lathyrus sativus L.) on different levels of phosphorus and row spacing on growth and yield under manipur condition

A field experiment was conducted to study the response of Lathyrus (Lathyrus sativus L.) on different levels of phosphorus and row spacing on growth and yield under Manipur condition during the rabi season of 2011-12 and 2012-13 at the Research Farm, College of Agriculture, Central Agricultural University, Imphal.

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In vitro studies on efficacy of agro-chemicals against collar rot of tomato caused by Sclerotium Rolfsii Saccin Manipur, India

The present study was carried out to understand about the in vitro efficacy of some agrochemicals (Fungicides- difenconazole, propiconazole and hexaconazole, Herbicides - paraquat, glyphosate and pendimethalin and Insecticides - imidachloprid, fipronil and chlorpyriphos) with three different concentrations for each chemical on radial growth of the fungus.

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Profile characteristics of listeners in relation to their extent of participation in Sangham community radio programmes

The research study conducted in Medak district during 2009-10, involving 120 respondents from selected twelve villages, revealed that 30.83, 20.00, 17.50, 16.67 and 15.00 per cent of the respondents had very low, low, medium, high and very high level of extent of participation respectively. Among the variables under study, education of the respondents was found to be positively and significantly correlated with extent of participation of listeners (at 5 percent level of probability) while age, experience in farming (at 5 percent level of probability) and socio-politico participation (at 1 percent level of probability) were negatively and significantly correlated.

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Nanotechnology and its importance in micronutrient fertilization

The increase in population and reduction of available land and water resources are major concern for agriculture to meet food requirement. The possible growth in agriculture can be achieved by increasing productivity through soil, water and nutrient management supported by an effective use of modern technology like nanotechnology. The small size, high specific surface area and reactivity of nano fertilizers compared to bulk fertilizers may increase the solubility, diffusion and availability of nutrients to plants and enhance crop productivity. Nanotechnology has provided the feasibility of exploring nanostructured materials as fertilizer carrier or controlled-release vectors for building of the so-called smart fertilizers, as new facilities to enhance the nutrient use efficiency and reduce the environmental pollution.

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Study of genetic diversity in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

In the present investigation thirty two sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) genotypes including two checks were evaluated to study genetic divergence. The experiment was laid out at Research Farm, Tirhut College of Agriculture, Dholi, Bihar during spring 2015-16. Data were recorded on eleven quantitative characters. The thirty two genotypes of sunflower were grouped into six cluster using Tocher method.

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